Curtain Walling.

System 17 High Rise & Silicone Pointing Curtain Walling.

Metal Technology's System 17 offers the designer a wide and diverse range of profiles that will provide structural integrity, weather performance and thermal enhancement. Considered a highly cost-effective, quality engineered glazing solution, System 17 complies with current British Standards and is considered as an appropriate option for expansive high rise glazed applications. System 17 has been extended to provide the designer with a mono or dual pitch roof light system offering a complementary appearance to that of the vertical facade. All Metal Technology's window and door systems are complementary to System 17 offering the designer complete versatility.

The system is fabricated in stick  form, is pressure equalized, and self-draining by means of overlapping the transoms onto the mullion members. Water is then channelled to the exterior of the building via the integral drainage chambers within the mullions. Where the transoms connect to the mullions, the joint is sealed by means of a purpose designed transom end seal. The transom members are square cut and fixed securely to the mullions by means of spring cleats design to fit into integral ports within the cavity of the transom wall.

The system is dry glazed using proprietary, high performance captive gaskets internally. All internal gaskets are bonded and sealed during construction, using Metal Technology's own waterproof adhesive to ensure that a watertight joint at all cruciform connections is maintained at all times. The system is thermally broken throughout by means of a continuous thermal isolator located between a choice of aluminium or thermally enhanced pressure plates and all structural members. The thermally enhanced pressure plate is held in place by aluminium stitch plates. The pressure plate is retained by using stainless steel self-tapping screws. Metal Technology recommends that only A2 or A4 austenitic stainless steel fixing screws are used in the assembly of their products.

Carefully designed fixing brackets have been developed for System 17 to allow a secure and simple fix so that all loads can be transferred back to the buildings main structural form with ease.

The system is externally glazed and can accommodate glazing units from 4mm to 44mm.


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